FCS Life: See You At The Pole  |  Faith Christian School in Roanoke, VA

See You At The Pole is a student-led event around the world. Our Fides Club leads our community in prayer and worship each year.

Mission & Purpose

See You at the Pole is a yearly, student-led event where schools, churches, and students all around the world pray for the nation and worship and give thanks to God. The goal is to bring glory and honor to God by having the entire school meet around the flagpole to pray and worship. See You at the Pole has been hosted in the morning around the flagpole all around the world on the same day.

At Faith, all students, teachers, and any parents are encouraged to participate and share in the worship. For this event, our Fides club is in charge of planning. Members of Fides are asked to open and close the event as well as lead groups in prayer. Member participation as well as live worship adds to the student-led aspect of the event.

“As Vice President of Fides, I was asked to lead the 5th and 6th graders in prayer along with some teachers and parents. I had never done this before, but having everyone together praying gave me peace, and I felt God’s presence with me listening to every single word said that day. It is an amazing experience that I look forward to every year.” - Morgan Price, Class of 2023



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