SAM BUSH  |  Faith Christian School Class of 2022

Senior Spotlight: Sam Bush, Class of 2022

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In what grade did you start attending Faith?


What activities were you involved in while you were a student at Faith?

Golf, Soccer, Key Club, Hi-Y, and Basketball

What might some of your favorite memories be?

Talking with teachers about personal things and feeling comfortable around them. 

What is your thesis topic and why did you choose it?

Asceticism – I wanted something philosophical, and Mr. Oliveri led me to something I would enjoy. 

How might your learning in a Christian environment at FCS positively affected you?

I was able to grow academically and spiritually at the same time. 

Has there been a teacher at FCS that has impacted your faith, education, or personal growth in a significant way? If you were to say thank you to this person, what might you say? 

Mr. Oliveri, thank you for strengthening my faith, expanding my knowledge and helping me grow as a man. 

What might it mean to you to have attended both a classical and Christian school?

I feel prepared for college in writing papers and debating. 

What are some things you would like to tell younger students as they continue their education at FCS?

Always work hard, but know when to take time for yourself. 

What are your plans for after graduation?

I will be attending Roanoke College majoring in Business Administration and concentrating in Marketing. 

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