Faith Christian School Middle & Upper School Retreat

Each year, middle and upper school students at Faith Christian School take a retreat to reflect, share in community, and start the year off right.

Each September, 6th – 12th grade students at Faith Christian School retreat into God’s creation as a meaningful beginning to a new school year. With plenty of recreation time combined with thoughtful reflection, the retreat encourages the deepening of relationships across grade levels as well as an opportunity to encourage our students to think that their time for "spiritual" things should not be seen in a different category than how they interact with one another during "fun" activities.

Seniors spend two days in retreat, spending time in recreation, reflecting upon theological topics, and solidifying goals for their twelfth-grade year. They are joined by their peers in grades 6-11 on the second day.

The purpose of the retreat is:

  • To give students (especially new students) the opportunity at the beginning of the school year to bond with their schoolmates outside the school setting 

  • To foster Christian discipleship and friendship as keystones of our school community 

  • To enjoy leisure amidst nature. Faith Christian School is deeply committed to providing intentional times of spiritual reflection and specific instruction, but always in the context of reminding students that all of life is sacred. 

Over the years, “Retreat” has proven to be particularly meaningful for students. Through gifted speakers, we aim to provide biblical teaching to encourage students to grow in their faith and to deepen their understanding of God's love and purpose for their lives as image bearers.

Reflections from a senior provide a brief glimpse of Retreat: "I enjoyed spending time as a class together on a Thursday and playing games/doing activities while also spending community time together to reflect spiritually. I think the whole retreat was spiritually strengthening, fun, exciting, relaxing, and bonding."

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