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At Faith Christian School, we value the relationships between our younger students and their "buddies" who act as mentors.

Last week, the Kindergarten Class and the Senior Class celebrated Read Across America Day. They celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday with a special guest, parent Jan Sessor, who had a very special story to tell the Kindergarten students.

Kindergarten Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration

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Mr. Sessor shared the following: 

“I am celebrating something even more special than Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  I think Faith Christian School is very special. Thirteen years ago, on this day, I came to Mrs. Anderson’s Kindergarten class to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with my Kindergarten daughter Clara and her classmates, who are now your senior buddies. So, I wanted to come back today and do the same thing with you and your senior buddies. I wanted to celebrate reading day and also celebrate this special school that you attend that prepares you and teaches you about God. I am also here to celebrate this wonderful senior class that is leaving a Godly impact on this school for generations to come. This school is also special because of the teachers who embrace all that Faith Christian School has to offer, teachers like Mrs. Anderson who was Clara’s teacher 13 years ago here in Kindergarten.”

Clara shared a special prayer over the Kindergarten students, the seniors, and the Kindergarten and Senior teachers. Clara added, “I am so thankful for our school and the traditions we have. It was very special for my dad to come back and celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with my senior class and our Kindergarten buddies. I am so thankful for my dad, the Kindergarten teachers, and our Senior Advisors that made this special celebration possible for all of us.”

Mr. Sessor cooked a delicious batch of green eggs and ham while Clara read Dr. Seuss’s book, Green Eggs and Ham, to the excited Kindergarten students. The Senior buddies also made fun hats with their Kindergarteners, read various other Dr. Seuss books to them, and, of course, enjoyed eating their Green Eggs and Ham together.

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