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Faith Christian Upper School Hi-Y students participated in 75th Model General Assembly.

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Fifteen (15) Faith Christian Upper School Hi-Y students participated in the 75th Model General Assembly (MGA). Prior to participating, FCS students researched and wrote bills over the last several months, then presented the bills in committee and again on the floor. They took questions, debated with other senators and delegates, and worked through amendments as their bills went through the legislative process. As a result, the bill by Ayers and Brown was passed by the Youth Governor.

Congratulations to the FCS Hi-Y students for a job well done in representing their club and our school at this statewide leadership program.

FCS MGA Delegates 2021-2022
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What Are Hi-Y Clubs and the Model General Assembly?
Hi-Y clubs perform school and community service projects as well as participate in the Virginia YMCA’s model government programs. The Model General Assembly program was established in 1948 by the Virginia YMCA, designed to introduce high school students to the legislative process of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Legislation is debated in committees and on the floors of the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates. Students from public and private schools from across the Commonwealth participate in the event. For more information, click here or download the MGA brochure here.
2021-2022 Delegates From Faith Christian School

Students from Faith Christian School served in a variety of roles.

  • Delegates: Lilly Ayers, Alex Caywood, Caleb Eng, Lailah Lineberry, Aaron Ridge, and Mason Ridge
  • Senators: Rachelle Brown, Caroline Haig, Trace Percell, and Ashley Crosby (Local Government Committee Chair)
  • Lobbyist: Karmin Osborne
  • Youth Governor’s Cabinet: Em Eanes
  • Underclass Legislature: Graham Whitaker, Hailey Nichols and Isabelle Hendricks
  • Bill patrols: Ayers, Brown, Caywood, Eng, Haig, and Percell
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Trace Percell also served on the Youth Governor’s Escort Committee and was selected to attend the YMCA Youth Conference on National Affairs (CONA) this summer in Black Mountain, NC. CONA was started in 1968 as a follow-up to the outstanding state’s Youth in Government programs conducted by the YMCA throughout the US.


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