Parent Information - Classroom Supply Kits

This year, due to rising costs in gas and resources as well as supply chain issues, we've opted to allow parents to purchase Classroom Supply Kits through a third-party vendor called First Day School Supplies. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED. Parents can opt instead to purchase all the supplies on the list instead of selecting a Classroom Supply Kit. This is meant to be a convenient option and save time/resources. Kits can be delivered to the family's home OR to the school. If school is selected, the PVO will ensure the kits will be placed in the correct classrooms before Meet The Teacher Day.

We must order by July 1st so they can be assembled and delivered on time for Meet The Teacher Day!


Upper School Parents, please note that starting in 7th Grade we've provided an "Essentials" list and an "Add-on" list. The essentials list contains essentials the rising student needs to purchase (whether through a kit or elsewhere). The add-on list contains items that may or may not be required, depending on courses the student will be taking, siblings who may have already purchase supplies, etc. If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Ridge.

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